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Björn Eriksson (aka Miulew) making electronic and acoustic experiments including field recordings and radio art. Björn has also during the last 15 years been doing a lot of electronic music in different contexts, here´s a selection of different approaches over the years Miulew @ Soundcloud. Björn worked alot between 2001 and 2007 and (occasionally still) together with the Tapegerm Collective under artist name International Garbageman. Besides making electronic music he also plays acoustic and electric music in different contexts. Björn is also exploring new possibilities with new media platforms like different web2.0 and web3d applications, which described on. One example of this is the virtual collaborations.
Björn works as teacher/lecturer at Hola folkhögskola - Prästmon, Sweden where he works with different courses with sound and media among them the distance course in soundart held during springs.

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Software used

AudioMulch, PureData, Max/MSP, ProTools, Audacity, SoundForge and lot’s of other sound manipulating tools. Plays acoustic instruments also, among them clarinet, guitar and piano.


Listening, improvising, constructing, decontructing, colliding.
I have a period where I have worked a lot with deconstruction of audio data. Used a lot of different tools and methods like granulation, time expansion and montage, often inspired by different microsound techniques. A very inspirational book about this has been Curtis Roads book Microsound on this subject I subscribe and follows a number of discussion lists, among the most inspiring I value .microsound, netbehaviour, phonography, fluxlist and deep listening lists. From these places ideas flows creatively in every directions.

My method to make music is often varied and formed by what tools and sounds, instruments I have at hand. One could call my method improvisational in choosing methods. One thing I would like to experiment with is recording more sounds from nature and microacoustics… like ice cracking and internal sounds from for an example trees by. I am also dreaming of making a live performance out in the woods with four or eight trees miked and fed to a mixer and treatened electronically in different ways and then audio signal sent up to speakers in the surrounding trees. I have been thinking about something like this for about 20 years now. Sometimes different things move at a very slow pace and this is surely one of these projects that are really slow moving. Another thing I want to explore more is wireless sound transmitters in collaborative and feedbacked networks.


Avatar Orchestra Metaverse is a project I have been involved in since february 2007 until 2009, then took a 2 year hiatus and now again starting to participate in AOM projects. This is an virtual orchestra in Second Life that have about 15-25 members all over world. We play different new music that are composed by the members. We only use virtual instruments and in-world sounds but we often appears in mixed reality situations/events. I have been writing three pieces for the orchestra, Rue Blanche, FRAGULA and Vicky’s Mosquitos #13 (which was the virtual adaption of Harold Schellinx project Vickys Mosquitos - see below). See more at AOM blog

I was responsible for the virtual section of festival day 10th august 2007 of Das Kleine Field Recordings Festival in Berlin by Rinus van Alebeek.

Curator ofPlac.Art.X 12 hour placard/headphone festival in Regensburg7Germany taking place on 18th august during the art.xxXtenxion weeks in august 2007.

Artist-in-residence during august 2007 at Pomodoro Bolzano the media art group in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany.

24th of september, 2006 me and my friends were doing a contribution to Harold Shellinx project Vicky's Mosquito. This was really nice doing and there will soon be some recordings from this happening available soon. Some text and pictures from our play with Vicky can be found at this posting at HarS' SoundBlog

Since the fall of 2006 I am also participating in the Locus Sonus project. Locus Sonus is a research group specialized in audio art (at École Supérieure d’Art d’Aix-en-Provence, École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Nice Villa Arson / France). Their objective is to experiment and evaluate the innovative and transdisciplinary nature of audio art forms in a lab-type context.

I have been and are sometimes a contributing artist on remote on various headphone festivals, Placard's

Together with Nathalie Fougeras, a 3´CDR album called 2-7-1-alt on Lona Records in Hong Kong was released in march 2009.


Works as lecturer on sound and radio production among other short courses in creative audio and music at Hola folk high school in the north of Sweden. Before this position I worked as sound engineer at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm.


License: Creative Commons: Attribution-Sharealike

Vehicle 6:58
Contribution to nicron sound comp - sound explorations. apr.2004

song for a thumb 4:57
“song for a thumb” is a piece made for the Klanghausen project announced at .microsound
A lot of my music is to be found under artist name International Garbageman.

Here is my terminus1525 page that host some music and artworks.

Here is some phonography works at Soundtransit.nl

Miulew @ MySpace Myspace
Miulew @ MyOwnSpace Luckily enough there are alternatives to MySpace, check this out! Here is my page at underground MyOwnSpace
Miulew's page at Soundclick
Some old IG tracks from 2000 over at Acid Planet

Here is a placard piece called Calvino frequency. This I was doing in from remote at the (R)Audioscoop Maastricht Placard 8th of october, 2006.



podOmatic At this podcast I post some songs now and then accompanied with photograpies from the neighbourhood.

Some other musical activities

MäAM is an improvisational group here in Sollefteå, formed in 2002.

GLO or The Great Learning Orchestra, a very openminded orchestra based in Stockholm whose name comes from the score of Cornelius Cardew. This orchestra makes different workshops, happenings and concerts. I have been participating in 4 projects so far, Dave Smith (former member of Scratch Orchestra, at Fylkingen), The A4 concerts (Konstnärshuset, Stockholm), Playing the Building (David Byrne’s sound installation at Färgfabriken), Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed at Kulturhuset (workshop and concert with Ulrich Krieger and his orchestral score of MMM), and Chainsaw Massacre Soundtrack at Kulturhuset.

Schnee Kapelle is a party band that likes to play everything in between Goran Bregovics to Beethoven . I play the clarinet and bass there.


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